pan seared salmon serve with rice and spinach.

Pan seared salmon.

A step-by-step guide on how to cook perfectly pan-seared salmon for a quick but healthy dinner or lunch. Using just 3 main ingredients this pan-seared salmon recipe will teach you, How to cook restaurant-style pan-seared salmon with flaky salmon and extra crispy skin at home. How long to cook the salmon. How to Cook Perfect…

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Thai coconut shrimp curry made easy

Easy Thai shrimp coconut curry.

Easy Thai shrimp coconut curry, easy, flavorsome shrimp cooked in Thai red curry paste and coconut milk. To make this Thai red curry shrimp recipe you need only 5 ingredients. You can serve the shrimp dish in 30 minutes with your favorite side dishes. What does Thai shrimp coconut curry taste like? This easy Thai…

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Shrimp korma red curry.

Shrimp korma, for this Indian shrimp recipe, spices, and fried onions, provides the tastes while yogurt and a blend of cashews, grated coconut provide the mild and creaminess that is unique to korma curry. Tender and juicy prawns coated in a thick gravy that is not too spicy but has all the intense and aromatic…

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