image of a squid to clean on a wooden chopping board.


Learn how to clean squid and add it to your culinary skills. With a little patience and expertise, you can clean squid effortlessly at home and freeze them for use at any time. You can choose to buy the smaller or bigger variety of squid(calamari) but prepping them to cook will be the same process….

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fish fry steaks placed on platter with lime and parsley garnishing.


Indian fish fry, made with fresh fish steaks covered in spices. a delicious and aromatic fish fry recipe with flavours that give you amazing flavours for you to indulge in. Covered in a simple yet aromatic masala mix, these delectable masala fish fry are a must-try. Crispy on the outside, and tender on the inside,…

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goan fish curry

FISH VINDALOO(Goan fish curry)

Fish vindaloo, also known as Goan fish curry, originates from the coastal region of Goa. The intense curry-flavoured gravy from homemade vindaloo paste gives this Goan fish curry recipe its spicy and tangy taste. If you are looking to cook something really special for your family, be sure to try out the Indian fish curry….

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