bbq shrimp with a glaze.

BBQ shrimp(barbecue shrimp recipe).

BBQ shrimp, marinated in a homemade peppery spicy sauce, this shrimp recipe takes less than 30 minutes to make. Glazed with a double dose of bbq sauce, this fantastic shrimp dish serves as a quick and easy appetiser or side dish. SERVE YOUR GRILLED SHRIMP SKEWERS WITH… Regular white rice. Lemon rice Yellow rice Ghee…

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canned mackerel stir fry

Canned mackerel stir fry.

A canned mackerel recipe you can enjoy in 20 minutes. The Sri Lankan-style canned mackerel stir fry is a quick recipe you can turn out on a budget for a quick meal. Spicy with red chilli powder and whole chillies, peppery flavours balanced with tomatoes and citrus elements gives you a balanced yet tasty dish….

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squid curry added into a plate to serve.

squid curry with coconut milk(Sri Lankan)

Sri Lankan-style squid curry. This delicious seafood curry relies heavily on various curry powders and coconut milk to make the gravy in which the squid is cooked. You may know squid as calamari or cuttlefish which refers to the same species. Adding the squid rings once the gravy is thick results in soft, spicy, squid…

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