Shrimp korma red curry.

Shrimp korma, for this Indian shrimp recipe, spices, and fried onions, provides the tastes while yogurt and a blend of cashews, grated coconut provide the mild and creaminess that is unique to korma curry. Tender and juicy prawns coated in a thick gravy that is not too spicy but has all the intense and aromatic…

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coconut milk shrimp

Coconut milk shrimp, a quick shrimp curry recipe you can make with ease using minimum ingredients. The shrimp are cooked in a coconut milk sauce infused with ginger, garlic, lemon juice, and zest to compliment sauteed tender shrimp. The creamy and tangy flavors are exactly the kind of one-pot dinner to wind down your day….

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chilli lime shrimp on a platter

Spicy shrimp with chili lime marinade

Spicy shrimp made with chili lime marinade takes just 30 minutes to make and packs a lot of heat. This spicy shrimp recipe proves that chili and lime are the perfect combination to spice up and flavor shellfish. If you love a lot of heat in your food then you need to give these spicy…

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